My name is Mike Fekete and I live in beautiful Beulah Michigan. I was married to my wife Stacey in September of 1988 and we have 3 grown children, one of whom we lost to a prescription drug overdose.

I began blogging shortly after my son Jacob died on March 26, 2014. Most of what I post here has to do with grief from my Christian experience.

Throughout this journey as I heal I have tried to describe my grief and my faith as they walk hand in hand. As healing has taken place this blog has morphed into more of my journal of faith recording my musings, meditations of my Christian life.

My desire is that this blog will provide hope and comfort to the bereaved and some understanding to those who have never lost a child. Also to encourage and challenge readers in my Christian journal that has evolved into much more than writing on wrestling with Jacob and grief.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope that something I have written will bring comfort and encouragment in your journey.

Blessings- Mike

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  1. Hi Mike,

    My brother Steve sent me a link to your blog. I graduated from Lynchburg Christian Academy in 1985. I played football with Dave Adkins (I think he lived with you guys).
    I have read all your posts over the last 2 days and have been encouraged and shed a few tears. It seems that God has given you a love for His Word, which I think is the greatest comfort anyone can receive.
    We lost our son Mitchell on July 13, 2007 to a car accident. He was 20 years old. We have been living our new normal for 8+ years. Stay in the Word, mark time, circle the wagon around your family and let the Lord refine you and prepare you for heaven. I will pray for you and your family Mike. Take care

    Your brother in Christ,
    Greg Clark
    Charlottesville, Virginia


    • I appreciate your response Greg. I was at LCA for 2 years (83-84), graduated from EC Glass in 86. Dave did live with us, I have great memories of his time with us.
      I do love the bible, I agree that it is the greatest comfort provided to us. To know that you read all my posts was quite humbling. I am glad to hear that you found some encouragement. That motivates me to continue on with it.
      Sorry to hear that you lost Mitchell. No words, just prayers. People like yourself give me a hope for the future in our path of grief. I always feel better after talking with someone who is farther along in the trail. I especially like and needed your final words of advice.
      I will likewise pray for you and yours Greg.
      Till we meet face to face, may God bless you brother


  2. Hi Mike,

    Through my sister I found the article in the TC Record Eagle about your son and others on the drug problems in the Benzie County area. First, I want to give our deepest sympathy to you and your family for your loss of Jacob and the courage to have the story published. It has almost come common place that tragedies like this are happening to families in this way, which is creating such overwhelming grief and sadness.

    Our nightmare started on November 14, 2015 at 6:30 am, when we found our 24 year old son in his bed non responsive. At this point in time everything seem to stop and your entire life flashes before you and life is not the same.

    After reading a lot of your blog, it has given us strength to go on with our lives as we take it day by day. Your stories on Jacob and your family are very touching and because our stories are so similar it seems like I know you, but we have never met. May God give you strength and courage to keep writing.

    I want to thank you again and may God Bless You and your Family.

    Belmont, MI


    • Bob, you don’t know how much this response means to me. This is why I write, that others might find comfort in the comfort I have received from God.
      I too would like to share my condolences for you and your family as well. I remember well the first months and the incredible pain of it all. I learned much about the grace of God in that time, things I could never know apart from the tragedy. His strength was surely felt in my greatest hour of weakness- I found his grace to be sufficient. You will as well. I will remember you in prayer Bob, thanks for contacting me.
      If you ever would like to talk or meet I would welcome that. God bless, Mike


      • Mike,
        Thank you for the offer…..I might take you up on that in the future.
        It has been very difficult these past months and I hope and pray this Easter Season can bring a little comfort to everyone who is experiencing a loss in there lives.
        May you and your family have a Blessed Easter….



  3. We also loss a son named Jacob. He was fourteen years old and killed while on a mission trip along with five others. Our grief has changed over the last two decades but it still exists. I’ve learned that grief will always be present in some form because it is the cost of having lost someone we deeply cherish. Our perception of God changes after tragic events and it can take some time to honestly sort that out. Even after restoring our faith we can be left wondering, where do we rest our broken hearts? I finally came to admit that there is no explanation this side of heaven that will ever satisfy me, Jacob is irreplaceable in my life, but so is Jesus Christ and I couldn’t afford to lose them both. My deepest condolences on the loss of your Jacob.


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